PDP Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick Review: Precision, Performance, Pro

PDP Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick Review: Precision, Performance, Pro

Published Date: January 17

The fight game industry is experiencing a complete revival at the moment as well, thanks to Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1 and Tekken 8 making sure that brawlers aren’t only an element of the game but are the leading force in the competitive gaming arena. In keeping with their arcade roots the technology component of the scene has seen brands such as Mad Catz, Nacon and Qanba provide an arcade-style stick, hoping to provide the top players with a more competitive edge. Victrix isn’t content to join the crowd however they’d like to be the sole fight stick manufacturer that players turn to. PDP Victrix Pro FS is the PDP Victrix Pro is the ultimate fight stick that will help make that happen.

It’s available in Victrix purple and PS5 white and PS5 white, the Pro FS is built from one piece of aluminium that’s cool-to-the-touch. This gives it greater rigidity than Nacon’s Daija or Mad Catz’ T.E.3, and it has a solidity and security that it has no matter if it’s in your lap, or on a table directly in front of you. Two large rubberized panels underside of the unit to ensure it won’t move at all regardless of the number of Fatalities or Hadoukens you do, and the rest of it is occupied by the huge Access panel that is covered in foam.

This panel gives you access into the workings inside this Victrix Pro FS, with an ideal slot for storing the balltop stick for when you’re moving or packing it away as well as easy accessibility to stick as well as buttons and the wiring. The design is designed so that changing and swapping components as simple as it can be and even a novice maker should not have a problem because of the plug-and play nature of the entire system. The last thing you’ll need to locate is the option to select the platform that lets you choose among PS5, PS4 and PC.

Whatever device you’re playing on you’ll be connected via the ultra-thick, purple material of the 3 meter braided USB-A cable that is connected to the device via USB-C. Of course, you can use your own C-toC cable if you’d prefer. There’s a useful pair of pinions that cover the cable when not in use however I’d highly recommend cutting the cord off from the stick prior to disconnecting it since it’s possible that the strain might cause damage to the USB-C socket in the long term.

The top panel is the Victrix Link 2 joystick, eight Sanwa Denshi 30mm buttons in black glossy, and an integrated panel control that handles stick and system functions. Additionally it has an 3.5mm headphone socket to connect your headset at the edge of the front and nothing else that can break the gorgeous sweeping aluminum contours that make up this Pro FS.

This beauty is made more apparent once you plug it in and since my most-loved characteristic that comes with Qanba Obsidian is its light-up zones. Qanba Obsidian is the lighting-up zones on either side, it was huge to see the same luminous design outlines within the Pro FS. When Victrix purple is the normal, you can switch through the various RGB presets that can alter both the hue as well as the brightness to suit your preferences. I found that the purple was the best in the end, not least since it is in line with the cable.

The lighting is extended across the top of the controls inset, and next to the PlayStation button are Share Lighting, Share, and Headset controls on the left together with Victrix, Pro and Options to the right. The Victrix button lets you activate the Tournament/Lock-out mode so that you’ll never accidentally hit something that you shouldn’t of battle. Pro can be assigned to the button you prefer.

It’s default to L3, but it’s important to note that there aren’t any physical L3 or R3 buttons that can be found in other places and if you play an application that depends on them then you’ll need to alter that setting this way. It’s simple enough to accomplish this once you’ve got the hang of it to do it – hold both the Victrix button along with the Pro for three seconds, then moving the joystick to the left to enable R3, or a quick hold to map to L3 however it can be somewhat annoying when you do not remember.

Like that of the first Qanba Obsidian stick, each edge of the Pro FS is hollowed out and is an aesthetic choice and instead gives you two handles to grip and make playing tournaments a breeze and also a fashion statement at the same simultaneously. The fact that the handles are made from the aluminum means that you won’t have any fear of breaking or giving up regardless of how frequently you’re holding it or moving from set-up to the setup.

Its Victrix Pro FS is arguably the most comfortable stick available. Most sticks such as my Qanba Obsidian with transparent tops that are perfect for putting your personal artwork but not as great for eliminating the sticky, sweaty feeling in the middle on your hands. Although it’s true that the Nacon Daija partially deals with this issue with its plastic handrest but it’s much more sticky that Pro FS. Pro FS.

This comfort level is reflected in the angled front of the stick. It has the stick having a 6.28 degree slope that your wrist can rest on. While most sticks have flat tops, this is an intriguing design decision however, it’s also fair to claim that Victrix have discovered something that other stick makers seem to be ignoring. I’ve had less fatigue with this model Pro FS than either the Nacon Daija, the Qanba Obsidian or the Mad Catz TE range, which means that I’ve had you’ll have more time to play and more time to train for the next tournament you’re playing (or the following night spent in the online chat room chatting with friends).

If you’re looking for a single negative to be present within the material used the aluminum is cold the touch, and in cold weather, it can take a while to get warm. However, once things begin to get hot when playing games, the comfortable coolness from Pro FS Pro FS is fantastic, and you can pair it with a cool headset such as Turtle Beach Elite Pro. Turtle Beach Elite Pro to really chill while everyone else is sweating.

All this would be useless If Pro FS didn’t perform. Pro FS didn’t perform when used, but when you think about it it’s a highly responsive, precise and enjoyable stick for fighting and gives you an advantage regardless of the game you’re playing.


It is Street Fighter 6 that was the first platform to test the new weapon as well Pro FS Pro FS didn’t disappoint. The Link2 joystick is solid underhand as do its Sanwa JLF switches on its base register each direction of move quickly and accurately. Are I the best player? Not really however, everything I hit was immediately replicated and I loved how responsive everything was. This shouldn’t be a shock considering Sanwa Denshi’s components and Victrix’s dedication to high-end quality, but it’s not necessarily a guarantee of high-quality. It’s safe to say that this Pro FS is a premium product that is definitely worth its price.

Due to the PS5’s retro compatibility, I played a few of my favorite games from the past as well, playing some round of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Virtua Fighter 5 Showdown. It’s been a long time since I’ve played UMvC3 but the Victrix Pro FS made it seem like it’s only been a week, blasting at Captain America’s moves effortlessly. If I’m being honest, I’ve never had a better time with a fighting stick like this. You’ll be able to tell how the regular Sanwa Denshi buttons are the longer you use the buttons, but you could change them to the silent ones instead.

With a price tag of $399/PS399, Pro FS’ Pro FS’ key competitors are definitely less expensive and, while I enjoyed Nacon’s newest edition Daija Daija but their build quality and design two is a world apart. It’s a great feeling to play with the Pro FS feels as though it can withstand a flurry of abuse thanks to its casing made of metal, unlike its plastic counterparts that do not.


The PDP Victrix Pro FS is an extremely high-end stick that deserves its price. It’s stunningly designed, beautifully constructed, and mods to it is now easier than ever. It’s a must-have purchase for game enthusiasts.

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