Exploring Sean’s Picks: The Best Games of 2023 Revealed

Exploring Sean’s Picks: The Best Games of 2023 Revealed

February 27 2024 

2023 was a great year for games. I wasn’t able to play everything and I’m sorry for my soul…that includes Zelda. In a year when the industry saw more cuts than an AEW match with no ideas We were given some real classics. From independent, Triple-A and those in between, here are 10 games I really enjoyed.

Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader

I’m still not finished but it’s great…ok I’m not going to do the same thing again. Rogue Trader is an unapologetic retelling of its original material that it frequently feels like an rib. The book reads like an English test that the British government would force you through to prove that you are an informer, it’s frank dark, sombre.. but also surprisingly self-aware. The amount of depth the characters provide in their build-ups is astonishing that allows players to become Frankenstein. It’s a surprise towards the final day of the year, it’s clunky, chunky as well… funny ?… funky ?… Oh I’m not kidding, it’s great.

Resident Evil 4

I didn’t require it, nobody else was, and it’s nice that it came out so well. Like a brand newly purchased shoe Nikes as well as health insurance. I’m not certain whether it was a feeling of a strangely placed nostalgia or just the pure pleasure of shooting a shotgun however, Resi 4 simply hit the mark. The plot that was so stupid was made less stupid yet still enough for me to be enjoyable. It looks fantastic it’s great to watch, and plays beautifully and has a great pace. Great!

Trepang 2

The Spas-12 shotguns can be used in dual-wielding and reload them using only one hand pump. We haven’t seen this kind of capability before since When we played The Punisher on PS2 and Xbox.

BattleBit Remastered

It was a bit of a hit for a couple of months, but Then it became kinda…ghosted? BattleBit was able to do exactly what EA has struggled with for a long time, create an enjoyable Battlefield game. It’s straightforward and sturdy and understands why earlier Battlefield games worked so well. Even the crappy building options provided an extra layer of complexity which I devoured. The game was a great one, but was went to waste in a wonderful year of fantastic games. Great.


Jagged Allies 3 (This year’s unheroes of the year)

It’s a show that has been which has been revived again. It’s pretty harsh, but insanely entertaining. The action-trope roster offers an extensive range of skills and styles that provide players a real feeling of freedom. You’ll feel like you’re a small player, slowly advancing and growing, struggling and learning. Then you’ll determine your best set-up and their top skills and begin to bite back. Oh my God, it’s so hard in all the right ways.


Armored Core 6.

I discovered this only recently and really late. If there’s any thing that gushes out pure, oozing pure video game excitement, this is the Armored Core 6.. This is energetic and loud. but also stupid and awesome. It’s like getting two grizzly bears drunk and covered with metal, then witnessing them battling. I adore it! It’s not even getting to the countless possibilities for personalization for mech and cosmetics. 11/10 all-time EAR BANGING BANGER!


Sea of Stars

It’s possibly the most popular entry point game for JRPGs…a surprising assertion.

The combination of basic mechanics that seamlessly flow with great characters and an unbeatable sense of speed are remarkable. There are times when you do not have to write a new script, but simply rewrite it to create more flow…which is precisely the case with Sea of Stars. Sea of Stars has done.

Robocop Rogue City

They were able to comprehend, loved and embraced the power of the license. The slow-moving, clunky dispenser of justice performs exactly the way he is supposed to. Splattered with the humor and violence of the two previous film, Robocop: Rogue City is a resounding success in the realm of licensed games, and FPS. Truly. It will be considered a classic of cult status in a similar way as the film Escape from Butcher Bay.


Gate 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3

It’s not such a huge success like it has been however, here we are. Unfortunately, the strengths of its mechanics and its freedom of playing have been hidden in the fandom of “shipping” culture, but it’s an acceptable price for the opportunity to experience an real RPG. An impressive show of writing, production and mechanical quality and…fun. 2023 will be an anniversary year for Baldur’s gate 3…even even if it might have been the one to ruin CRPGs for people who are new into the world of.


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