The Top 27 Xbox Games Heating Up 2024: Your Gaming Calendar Sorted

The Top 27 Xbox Games Heating Up 2024: Your Gaming Calendar Sorted

Published Date: January 5

What are the most anticipated Xbox games to come out in 2024? Will this be the year when Microsoft truly fulfills its promise ofS” and the Xbox Series X|S? Sure, we’ve had a few major exclusives over the last several years, but the year’s calendar has potentially generation-defining games. These comprise Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 from Ninja Theory and Avowed from Obsidian Entertainment. There’s additionally Towerborne as well as STALKER 2 to look forward to as exclusives from third parties Multi-platform games range in price from Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Dragon’s Dogma 2 to Star Wars Outlaws.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the 27 most popular games that will be coming to Xbox in 2024, beginning with games that have been set date of release. As usual, there are plenty of games that will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.


PS5, XSX|S PS4, XBO NSW PC – the 18th of January, 2024

Ubisoft is revamping the classic game series The Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, turning it into a side-scroller and incorporating Metroidvania elements that are incorporated into. You’re not playing as an aristocrat, but instead in the role of one of the Immortals who are trying to save the prince who’s been kidnapped and remanded into Mount Qaf. There will be many enemies to take on with, traps to dodge and some explosive bosses along the journey!

The demo is accessible from 11th January This is one you should definitely take a look at in a few weeks!


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

PS5, XSX|S Xbox, PS4 PC – 25th January 2024

It is the Like a Dragon series (formerly Yakuza) is jetsetting out to Hawaii and departing Japanese beaches for the very first time. Ichiban Kasuga is seeking to locate the mother of his son, Akane Kishida, and Kazuma Kiryu is also searching for her, and is taking on what could be his last job. The two will work together in like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth which is due out in the fall. We will see plenty of turn-based combat such as Yakuza: a Dragon, a number of funny minigames, as well as an all-new island management mode dubbed Happy Resort Dondoko.


PS5, XSX|S PC 25th January 2024

It’s been a long time since the previous installment in this series however Tekken 8 is near enough that you can literally taste it. Some even have it, due to the demo released in November. This game brings the latest heat system and a redesigned Rage Art system that uses common inputs, as well as the recovery gauge, which is inspired by the Tekken Tag Tournament games. There’s of course the inclusion in Unreal Engine 5, which makes the game to have stunning graphics.


PS5, XSX|S Xbox, PlayStation 4 PC – 2nd Feb 2024 (day one of Xbox Game Pass)

Persona 3 Reload is a remake of this PS2 as well as the PSP RPG and re-creates it for the modern consoles. Like all Persona games the player is sent off to school and make new friends in the morning, before engaging in the supernatural in the evening as a member of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) Explore a secluded realm called the “Dark hour” and fight the Shadows that eat away at the minds of human beings.


PS5, XSX PC 2nd February 2024

Suicide Squad Take down the Justice League will put you in the shoes of a villainous group, required by the federal government help save Metropolis from the evil machinations of Brainiac by taking on that brainwashed Justice League. After a long wait and some shocking gameplay reveal that were not popular the game may need some convincing to make and, with Rocksteady in the mix the game is bound to get noticed when it’s released in February.


PS5, XSX|S PC the 13th of February in 2024

Banishers is a dark and eerie fantasy story of loss and love. Red Mac Raith is tasked with protecting the country from curses, spirits and ghosts, utilizing the power of martial arts and supernatural ones. However, he also has an unspoken secret as his beloved Antea died and he can’t be able to stop her from being banished also. In combat, you are able to manage the two characters, Red and Antea as they alternate between physical and the spectral when fighting as well as while exploring the world. It’s a fascinating idea and a setting and, with Don’t Nod’s storytelling abilities, we’re looking forward to explore more.


PS5, XSX|S PS4 PC, XBO – 15th Feb 2024

Does it mean that Skull and Bones actually happening? Will it be out this time? We definitely believe that it will! The sea-based game of piracy has been in the making for about a decade but we finally got hands onto the game for what we believe will be the final beta test at the close of the year. We left with the hope that the final game will be an improvement over what the initial few hours suggest.


PS5, XSX|S PS4, XBO NSW PC until February 28, 2024.

Star Wars: Dark Forces is a highlight in Star Wars’ proud tradition of video games. It follows in the footsteps of Doom and Marathon the game was a first-person shooter which put a blaster into your hands and sent you on missions to stop the latest plots of the Empire including the menace of Dark Troopers. This remake produced by Nightdive Studios, will retain the original style of art and graphics, however it will update it to support 4K resolutions, widescreens, and 60 frames per second.


PS5, XSX|S PC 5th March 2024

In the realm gaming, MudRunner was virtually the only one. A driving game in which it’s not about zooming around at a speed that is well over what is allowed, making insane drifts, and crashing into the opponents? Expeditions MudRunner Game MudRunner Game takes the foundation of driving in the wilderness and takes the boundaries of wilderness driving in a different direction. It gives you tools such as the Echo Sounder to map depths of water bodies, a new mechanicals for the winch and tyre pressure and drones that can scout out the skies.



PS5, XSX|S PC the 15th of March in 2024

Outcast An Old Beginning revitalizes the setting and the world from the 1999 original, and aims in redefining the concept of an open-world game could be by taking an entirely systematic strategy. You’ll assist the indigenous Talan lead a combat against robot invaders creating settlements for the future in the future, and getting the chance to for instance create an egg that you find out in nature, and nurture the offspring inside and then take on the massive flying creature it transforms in battle with the robots again.

ALONE in the dark

PS5S PC 20th March 2024

The idea of reviving one of the first survival horror games, more than 30 years after its first appearance is a difficult task that effectively amounts to an entire re-invention of the game, given the extent to which video games have evolved in terms of storytelling, graphics and gameplay since that.

The Alone in the Dark will allow you to play Emily Hartwood (Jodie Comer) and Detective Edward Carnby (David Harbour) as they investigate Derceto Manor and the surrounding scene in the 1920s south of America. With plenty of Noir and Lovecraftian horror the horror genre, fans will be intrigued about how the movie performs.


PS5, XSX|S PC until 23rd March 2024

Dragon’s Dogma 2 was an arduous wait it will build on the tradition from one of the top action RPGs of recent times. There’s the same mix of Dark Souls and Monster Hunter to be found, as well as the original Pawn system for AI-controlled characters. We’re eager to dive into the world of this game which is expected to be 4 times more expansive than the first.


PS5, XSX|S, PS4, XBO, PC – 4th June 2024

Destiny 2: The Final Shape will be the final chapter of the first 10 years of Destiny and will culminate in the final battle against The Witness, the big baddie who has been a force in the background from the beginning of the story told by the online shooter. The players will explore The Pale Heart that is within the Traveller it self, as well as a location that will offer calls backs, as well as the return of a few beloved characters. Will this let the game end in style after being disappointed by the Lightfall annual expansion?


PS5, XSX|S PC 20th of August, 2024

The story is based on the sixteenth-century Chinese story “Journey to the West” written by Wu Cheng’en Black Myth Wukong has been transformed and turned to create a Souls-like story, similar to what we’ve seen alongside other myths, such as the Lies of the P as well as that of the Pinocchio story. There are some amazing and unique appearance of the characters and creatures that make a statement against the other books.


PS5, XSX|S PC 9th September 2024

Captain Titus is back for the first time in more than a decade Space Marine 2, with the cult Warhammer 40,000 super soldier now in the midst of a battle against the chitinous masses of a complete Tyranid invasion force. From Saber Interactive, we’re expecting to see huge hordes of enemies in the game due to what they managed to do during World War Z.


S, PC 1st Quarter 2024 (day one on Xbox Game Pass)

The bizarre anomaly that lies that lies at the center of the Chornobyl exclusion zone is resurfacing and again, this time with the sequel to STALKER twisting this area of the globe with its power, while diverse factions try to harness and make use the effects. The open-world shooter promises a massive epic to bring back the series.

There’s a significant amount of significance attached to the game’s release as the its creator GSC Game Worlds having worked for a minimum of two years, with a large portion of their team members moving from Ukraine due to Russia’s military invasion and others signing to protect their home country.


PS5, XSX|S PC – early 2024

Check it out! Drive Unlimitable Solar Crown is aiming to be a car-based MMO which is more than racing. It also has a social component that is present through the entire game. The game is set on Hong Kong Island and giving players the keys to a variety of super and hypercars You’ll have the option of focusing your racing adventures to on the Streets as well as the Sharps. We’re eager to see how this game plays out.


PS5, XSX|S PC – End 2024

The nightlife in Seattle is set to be disrupted due to a three-way fight to be the king of the Vampire Court and you’ll be in the middle of the action. Originating from the Chinese Room, after the game’s development was completely re-launched couple of decades ago, the game is aiming to become a wonderful successor the legendary action RPG of the past.


Xbox PC 2024 (day one of Xbox Game Pass)

The most anticipated Xbox game coming out in the next year will be the Senua Saga: Hellblade II, which features Ninja Theory kicking on from “independent AAA” to make an all-fledged first party game that is under Microsoft. The first glimpse we’ve had is stunning, thanks to Unreal Engine 5, state of the art performance capture technology, and collecting as as much Icelandic photogrammetry as is possible. Combine this with the features that it has to offer and it’s our top-rated Xbox game of the year..


Xbox PC 2024 (day one of Xbox Game Pass)

Obsidian Games are making a return to the big first-person RPGs, with Avowed. The game is set in the same universe like The Pillars of Eternity CRPGs Avowed moves from top-down games to first-person, placing the fate of the planet as well as a huge amount of power in your control. You’ll play as an envoy of Aedyr who is sent to investigate the spread of a disease that’s being spread across the world and will test you to the limits of your capabilities.


XSX PC 2024 (day one of Xbox Game Pass)

After The Award-winning The Banner Saga trilogy, Stoic Studios are changing to more action-packed adventures with co-operative play for four players. You’ll play as one of the defenders of humanity and an Ace who is born in the spirit realm to go out and defend the Belfry in the game that is reminiscent like Castle Crashers and other side-scrolling combat games. The game is an ongoing game that will have an ever-changing map of the world and seasons-specific content that will carry on and develop the story over the course of.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

XSX PC 2024 (day one of Xbox Game Pass)

Microsoft Flight Simulator was a huge achievement that put the entire world at your fingertips to fly and explore and has gotten better and better every time Asobo improved and updated the various regions month-to-month. However, even with the addition of a few more expansions it was a lot of simulator with not enough games. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 will try to rectify that by including a plethora of brand new missions, from firefighting to helicopter cargo hook transportation and aerial crane construction, skydiving and much more. There will also be brand new environmental effects to look for, as well as new types of aircraft, including hot air balloons and gliders.

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater

PS5, XSX|S PC 2024

Remaking the iconic PS2 stealth action title, Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater promises a huge increase in graphics thanks using Unreal Engine 5. We’ve yet to experience the actual gameplay of this game, however the little snippets of gameplay shown in the initial in-engine preview appear to be quite promising.


PS5, XSX|S PS4 Xbox, PC 2024

The Wolf Among Us 2 has been in and out of development for a number of years as being a sequel in one of Telltale’s most known series. The team and studio was reborn in the past, and its launch had to be delayed in order to transition to UE5 however, we’re hoping to see the next chapter of Bigby as well as Snow White’s tale this year.

The Plucky Squire

PS5, SX|S, NSW, PC 2024

There’s a childlike fascination to The Plucky Squire as Jot explores the pages of this vibrant children’s book that protects the landscape from a vicious sorcerer. However, Jot’s adventures will not be limited to the printed pages. In fact, he’ll be able to leap to the 3D world and experience it too. We’re excited to learn more about this enthralling adventure.



PS5, XSX|S PC 2024

The casting of Frank Stone might sound like something that’s a bit boring Hollywood audition however, it’s actually anything but. A single-player spinoff of Dead by Daylight This game comes from the makers of horror-themed stories in Supermassive Games, the makers of Until Dawn, The Quarry and The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Who is Frank Stone? He’s certainly not among the main players in Dead by Daylight, but instead a brand new character created specifically for the game and could be a means to take the well-known multiplayer game of horror to include a variety of crossover events Behaviour Interactive are constantly cooking up.


PS5, XSX|S PC 2024

Star Wars Outlaws looks like the perfect movie and is a must-have for Star Wars fans. The story is set between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Kay Vess is trying to complete one of the largest thefts on the Outer Rim, journeying across several huge open world planets, and performing jobs for shady cartels and gangs in order to get the job completed. We’re eager to see what happens!

Phew! This is quite a list of games to check to in the year 2024. 

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